List Harga Jual Sepatu Futsal Eagle Buenos Terbaru


List Harga Jual Sepatu Futsal Eagle Buenos Terbaru

Daftar Harga Sepatu Futsal Eagle Buenos

Buenos Ninos Womens 3/4 Sleeve Ethnic Embroidery Cardigan Retro Printed Flyaway Jacket Coat Beige XXL



XX-Large-Black Product DescriptionHistory Of Embroidery
Embroidery is a brilliant pearl in Chinese art. From the magnificent Dragon Robe worn by Emperors to the popular embroidery seen in today’s fashions, it adds so much pleasure to our life and our culture.It implies beautiful and magnificent.
The oldest embroidered product in China on record dates from the Shang Dynasty. Embroidery in this period symbolized social status. It was not until later on, as the national economy developed, that embroidered products entered the lives of the common people.
Through progress over Zhou Dynasty, the Han Dynasty witnessed a leap in embroidery in both technique and art style. Court embroidery was set and specialization came into being.As Buddhism boomed in China during the Wei, Jin, Sui and Tang Dynasties, embroidery was widely used to show honor to Buddha statues.
The subjects of Chinese painting such as mountains, waters, flowers, birds, pavilions and people all became themes of embroidery, making it into a unique art.The Song Dynasty saw a peak of development of embroidery in both quantity and quality. It developed into an art by combining calligraphy and painting. New tools and skills were invented.
—————————————- This Jacket uses sharp contrast of color and primitive design to express a mysterious flavor,shows the passion in religion.Bright color and characteristic design to stand out from the crowd.To break monotonous and depressing of the coming season.
—————————————-Welcome to our store.Having a happy shopping time here.Beauty belongs to you! (*^__^*)
Everyone should be treated like a princess.Wear clothes you can be yourself
Tell us what you think about this item. It helps us get better at what we do, and ultimately provide you with better products.¡î¡Ð(*£Þ-©b)v THX!!
Please contact us freely if you have any question.We are keeping in touch with you??

FeatureSize(Bust,Sleeve length,Length)S(37.7”,17.7”,20.8”)M(39.3”,18.1”,21.2”)L(40.9”,18.5”,21.6”)XL(44”,18.8”,22”)XXL(47.2”,19.2”,22.4”)
Please see detailed size information for proper fit.Flower printed mini Jacket.2 pockets on the side.
Wrapped cardigan without zipper or fastener.Ethnic art to combin with street culture.Creat a casual and relax street fashion.
Exquisite embroidery,Retro and Classic pattern.The combination of the color are just perfect.
To match a simple T-shirt,A printed shorts,denim pants.Or a solid color bodycon dress.You will surprise to see the difference
Brand : Buenos Ninos
Item model num : QFX-KS-10
MPN(PartNumber) : QFX-KS-10
Product Dimensions(LxWxH) : 25x20x3cm ; 272 g
Package Dimensions(LxWxH) : 25x17x6cm ; 272 g

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Info Terbaru Harga Sepatu Futsal Eagle Buenos

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Gambar Nama Barang Harga
Buenos Ninos Womens 3/leeve Ethnic Embroidery Cardigan Retro Printed Flyaway Jacket Coat Beige XXL - intl Buenos Ninos Womens 3/leeve Ethnic Embroidery Cardigan Retro Printed Flyaway Jacket Coat Beige XXL – intl Rp 903.000 Lihat

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